Employment Opportunities

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Tool Crib Coordinator

The Tool Crib Coordinator keeps manufacturing and assembly departments stocked with tools/supplies. Works with external vendors to reduce cost of tools/supplies. Uses supply chain management software (IMAINT) to keep track of inventory and perform scheduled audits on the tool crib. Works with tooling and manufacturing engineers to create and maintain work instructions on the tool/supply procurement process and the physical and software organization of tools/supplies. Helps maintenance with PM creation and scheduling and maintains tool crib organization and cleanliness to help facilitate the timely provision of required employee supplies.

Oxford, NC February 27, 2024 Learn More
Maintenance Technician – Day & Night Shift

The Maintenance Technician is responsible for installation of electrical services including the sizing of conduit, wire, fuses and overloads in compliance with NEC, NFPA and OSHA standards. Diagnose and repair equipment with electrical or mechanical problems. Investigate and take necessary action that will reduce problem reoccurrence. Able to troubleshoot problems with machine bearings, cams and gears and make repairs as necessary.

Oxford, NC January 25, 2024 Learn More
Machine Operator – Day & Night Shift

The Machine Operator is responsible for set up, operating and maintaining a machine to make quality products for external customers within the established timelines.

Oxford, NC January 25, 2024 Learn More
Team Lead – Day Shift

The Team Lead is responsible for the production of product, all employees assigned to the shift and maintaining all equipment.

Oxford, NC January 17, 2024 Learn More
Purchasing Manager

The Purchasing Manager plans, manages and coordinates all activities related to forecasting, sourcing and procurement of materials and products.

Oxford, NC December 21, 2023 Learn More