Employment Opportunities

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Quality Auditor

The Quality Auditor will be responsible for inspecting, testing and measuring parts at set-up, in-process or receiving.  Inspect, test, evaluate and formally accept or reject items and document accordingly.

Oxford, NC June 18, 2024 Learn More
Manufacturing Engineer

Defines, researches, develops, implements, and sustains safe, cost-effective manufacturing equipment, processes, and methods. Use sound Engineering and Project Management principles, methods, and tools, aligned with customer requirements, product specifications, and quality standards.  Lead and facilitate new or modified equipment, machinery, and continuous improvement projects. Provide recommendations on safety, manufacturability, and product quality. Continual focus on safety, quality, and productivity; Lean mindset.

Oxford, NC June 12, 2024 Learn More
Machining Quality Engineer

As a Machining Quality Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the quality of machined components through meticulous analysis, problem-solving, and collaboration with production and engineering teams. You will be responsible for implementing quality control measures, identifying areas for improvement in machining processes, and driving continuous quality enhancement initiatives.

Oxford, NC June 12, 2024 Learn More
Buyer II

The Buyer II role is part of the purchasing team. The team is responsible for selecting and purchasing quality products for the business and the Buyer II role is responsible for a subset of those parts. The responsibilities will include processing purchase orders, negotiating with suppliers, tracking order delivery, and ensuring supplier quality is maintained.

The Buyer II will work cross functionally with various departments to forecast the needs of the business and make purchase decisions based on demand.

The Buyer II should be analytically minded and possess excellent negotiating skills to secure best prices and terms.

The Buyer II role will be the contact point and team lead regarding importing purchased products dealing with freight rates, customs and compliance.

Oxford, NC June 12, 2024 Learn More
Tool Crib Coordinator

The Tool Crib Coordinator keeps manufacturing and assembly departments stocked with tools/supplies. Works with external vendors to reduce cost of tools/supplies. Uses supply chain management software (IMAINT) to keep track of inventory and perform scheduled audits on the tool crib. Works with tooling and manufacturing engineers to create and maintain work instructions on the tool/supply procurement process and the physical and software organization of tools/supplies. Helps maintenance with PM creation and scheduling and maintains tool crib organization and cleanliness to help facilitate the timely provision of required employee supplies.

Oxford, NC May 9, 2024 Learn More
Machine Operator – Day & Night Shift

The Machine Operator is responsible for set up, operating and maintaining a machine to make quality products for external customers within the established timelines.

Oxford, NC May 9, 2024 Learn More
Team Lead – Day Shift

The Team Lead is responsible for the production of product, all employees assigned to the shift and maintaining all equipment.

Oxford, NC May 9, 2024 Learn More